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Lady-Comp GCC

Al Faleh Group is the authorised distributor of Lady-Comp for the Arab States of the Gulf including Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon. We are proud to serve Lady-Comp to the market and to offer our customers a choice to plan or prevent pregnancy naturally and complete hormone free. Lady-Comp has over the years experienced rapid growth and acceptance, earning a reputation for quick service and excellent customer support.

Lady-Comp is manufactured by Valley Electronics headquartered in Germany and was established in late 1986, by Dr. Hubertus Rechberg. The purpose of the company was the worldwide sale of Lady-Comp, the first family planning computer in the world. Since then, a team of gynecologists, software specialists, electronics engineers, and designers has been continuously engaged in improving the fertility computers. Lady-Comp is ISO-certified and approved as contraception device in Europe.

We speak often about the growth and future of the company and it has been decided that while the growth in sales will require internal growth as well, it is extremely important that the company maintain that “family feel.” For example, your phone calls will never be transferred to a call center that can simply answer questions based off a pre-written script. Instead, each call will be met with personal support, and quite likely answered by the same person you spoke with 2 weeks ago. 

With just a second or two to refresh their memory, they will be able to remember their previous conversation with you and offer you the personal support and solutions that very few other companies can offer.

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"I got pregnant after one month. I had been trying for so long, but with your product I made it."

N.A. | Sept. 24, 2013

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