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Hormone free pregnancy prevention and planning device.

Lady-Comp is an all natural contraceptive method and also a family planning device. It let's you be in control of your body, so if you want to prevent pregnancy naturally without subjecting your body to hormones, or if you want to maximize your chances of becoming pregnant, then this fertility computer is perfect for you. Not only is it highly accurate with 99.3% which is a pearl index of 0.7 but best of all it is also completely free of hormones and side-effects.

But what is the Pearl Index?

In the medical field, the Pearl Index is used to report the effectiveness of a certain birth control method. For example: if 100 women use a particular birth control method for one year and one woman becomes pregnant, then the Pearl Index of this method is 1.0. Birth control pills have a Pearl Index between 0.1 and 0.9, diaphragms range from 1 to 3. With a Pearl Index of 0.7, the fertility computers of Valley Electronics are the leader in natural pregnancy prevention and family planning.

Anything to support this claim?

Yes, very early on Baby-Comp and later Lady-Comp were submitted for clinical tests. The results were always used to enhance and further develop the devices. In addition, our statements for the Pearl-Index are not based on our own studies but are the result of many clinical studies.

Click here to read about the clinical studies

Natural contraception and planning device

How does it work?

Lady-Comp is programmed with all natural family planning research data, containing a database of more than 900.000 cycles and uses bio-mathematical forecasting calculations as well as the very latest computer techniques. It is a personal fertility monitor, which learns and adjusts to your individual cycle regardless of irregularities or cycle length. Lady-Comp is a one-time purchase without any recurring costs.

Lady-Comp becomes part of your natural lifestyle.

Lady-Comp is very easy to use. Based on your morning temperature, taken orally, the fertility computer determines your fertile days and shows when you are ovulating by recording, analyzing and storing your menstrual cycle data. 
It monitors your daily status of fertility and will alert you on the days when intercourse may lead to pregnancy: 
on the day you ovulate – and the five days before ovulation.

Wake up - Measure - Done - As easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Take your temperature each morning.
  2. Enter M on the days you are menstruating.
  3. View your fertility for the day.

Lady-Comp keeps track of all your data and it's easily viewed in graphical form.

    •    View your temperature curve, including temperature, M-inputs, fertility, and moon phase.
    •    See your cycle statistics, including average cycle length, temperature rise, ovulation range,                       length of luteal phase and number of cycles with a CLI.
    •    View past, present and forecasted fertility shown on a monthly calendar.
    •    You can even add your own personal notes.
    •    The newest generation Lady-Comp allows you to adjust the brightness and volume of your device           and even pick your alarm melody.


Lady-Comp supports your natural family planning goals like no other. Working with your body naturally.

Choosing the right fertility monitor for you!

No matter the stage of your life, there is a Lady-Comp that’s right for you. From the young, on-the-go student, to the newly engaged young woman, to the accomplished woman looking to expand (or limit) her family, Lady-Comp has you covered. If you prefer a simplified fertility monitor then take a look at Daysy!

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Installment plan available up to 12 months.

No hormones: No side effects

There are six days in every cycle when a woman can get pregnant: five days before ovulation and on the day she ovulates.

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